Now that your rose is in bloom…

Please forgive the entirely gratuitous 90s-tastic title, but I couldn’t resist – great excitement in the garden as the Wren has bloomed and here is how she looks:


I am delighted with her – the petals slightly more pink than apricot than I was expecting, but when the flowers are in bud they have a lovely orangey tinge, and the shape of the bloom is very pleasing.

(Although I’ve now discovered that I’ve made a wildlife faux pas – roses with double petals like this are not recommended as good pollinators, presumably as the plant is bred to expend more of its energy to produce purely decorative, unnecessary petals, which would be better used producing more separate blossoms, therefore increasing its pollination potential. Oops. Sorry, the bees).

The scent is rather slight as far as I can tell so far, but is very pleasant, and the dark foliage is lovely.

My mystery yellow rose is also beautifully, abundantly in bloom – a good 2 weeks later than it’s flowered in previous years, to give you an indication of how late the spring is this year – and Albertine is about to bloom too.

I may not quite have the Misselthwaite Manor walled rose garden of my childhood dreams (just give me time…) but with 3 stunning roses in flower or about too, I’m not doing too badly for a pocket-handkerchief sized urban cottage garden, I think.


Apart from the roses, the garden is looking rather parched after a couple of weeks of heat and drought, my water butt which overflowed continually in April is getting low, and 2 muggy days of cloud have produced thunder and rain seemingly everywhere in the south-east except my postcode, it would appear.

Of course all you non-gardeners out there want the dry weather to stay, and I’m no spoilsport, I like my rain in the early hours of the morning, not mid-afternoon, purely to aid the garden, clear the pollen-ridden air – and if only to prove the old wives’ tale, ‘Rain before Seven, Fine before Eleven’ (it really does work that way more often than not, honestly).

Anyway, it’s bound to rain soon – Wimbledon’s coming up.

Living due east of the All-England Club as I do, Wimbledon telly coverage is a great weather aid for me. If the covers go on and rain stops play, I know I should be taking my washing in and expecting the garden to get a good soaking about 20 minutes hence. A very useful service (hah!) provided, serendipitously, by the BBC and worth an extra penny or two on my licence fee, I’m sure.


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