Front gardens – snooper’s paradise

In the days before social media took over our lives and allowed us to share every waking moment online, I favoured a more traditional approach to record my interest in gardens and interior design – I had a scrapbook.

I kept it up faithfully from around 2000 to 03, with pictures cut out of glossy magazines and the Evening Standard property supplement, and lists of design ideas I liked and plants I wanted to grow one day.

It was another five years before I had a garden of my own, and by then I had a digital camera and iPhone, so I was able to start taking photos of plants here and there and keeping those as inspiration for my garden planning.

I do yearn for the days of my scrapbook, though, (and I haven’t yet been tempted to try Pinterest) so am going to use the blog to keep track of plants and design ideas I’ve spotted around the place. (My interior design preference seems to be ‘paint everything white and fill house with clutter’, so that I think is less interesting to anyone else and certainly not particularly inspirational…)

I was hoping to visit some of my favourite gardens in Dulwich this weekend, as part of a series of open weekends (and all for charity), which would have provided a golden opportunity for taking some photos, but the rain kept us away, so instead, I’ve fallen back on a faithful standby – the front garden.

Front gardens provide wonderful inspiration to a confirmed snooper like me, and are a source of much envy, as my own front yard has room for little more than a wheelie bin and hanging basket.


White Alliums

First up, I saw these white alliums in a garden in Herne Hill. I’d not seen white ones before, only purple ones, and I thought these were rather striking (especially in such numbers – if only I could afford to plant so many!)

The alliums were paired with some red flowers I didn’t recognise, but looked a bit like runner bean flowers – the impact of a two-tone colour scheme (and the additional interest provided by the spiky foliage) was very attractive, although with my eclectic tastes I don’t think I could ever settle for two colours only.


Rambling roses

These gorgeous scarlet roses were spotted yesterday in Gipsy Hill – in fact my friend took me on a detour from our afternoon walk especially to see them, as she knows I have a thing about roses. Red roses still aren’t my favourite shade, but these beauties might be the ones to make me change my mind…


Wild geranium bliss

Today in West Dulwich – gorgeous wild geraniums with a border of alchemilla – I do have both these in my garden already, but thought the colour contrast of the two together was worth a picture.


Pastel heaven

Also seen today – pink and yellow roses together. It shouldn’t work, and yet somehow it does. Lovely.


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