In the days before broadband….

…or Twitter or Flickr or Facebook or Pinterest, I had a scrapbook.

After I reminisced about it the other week in a blog, I thought it was about time I dug it out again, to remind me of the interior design ideas I lusted after in the heady dotcom days of 2001, when loft apartments with bare brick walls, Eames chairs and coffee tables on oversized wheels were all the rage.

The scrapbook was on a very high shelf in my bedroom which had been out of bounds for several months – firstly because I was too pregnant to go up a stepladder, and then because the baby’s Moses basket has been in the way. However, a recent spring clean effort finally got me clearing out that particular shelf and down the dusty old scrapbook came.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the things I was into back in the day…

ImageThis was my Oriental-themed page – most of the contents came from the pages of the Pier catalogue, I think. (That’s another aspect of this nostalgia trip…reminding me of the home decor shops of Tottenham Court Road, where I used to work, and which now no longer exist).

In terms of more current preferences, I do still have a collection of blue-and-white china which I’m very fond of, but I no longer desire to fill my home with imitation Buddhas or bowls of floating candles (didn’t they make the water all waxy and dusty? – most unattractive, I recall).

ImageThis was my ‘red’ page – I was getting very into collecting pictures by theme by then, rather than just randomly pasting them in, and remember I was very proud of how this page looked (especially the stained glass window lady in the middle, to paraphrase the Dude, really pulled the whole thing together).

Relevance to my current tastes? Not much, really, although I do have a vertical striped stair runner a bit like the rug on the right. Oh, and my sofa is red.

ImageHmm. This page is a bit incoherent, I can’t remember why I photographed this one in particular now, but the treehouse is very cool, hey?

ImageAh, this is a bit more like it – some of my favourite flowers on this page, including alliums, stocks and roses, and the picture in the middle of blue/cream/mauve flowers is very similar to the colour scheme I picked for my wedding, so it’s very pleasing to see I’ve been so consistent in my tastes all these years.

When I found the scrapbook, it was over half full, and with a lot of loose pictures I’d never got round to sticking in – so I grabbed a Pritt Stick, got to work, and filled another couple of pages before the glue ran out.

It would be nice to finish it completely one day, but I’m not sure I have the time to go through magazines any more cutting things out! Perhaps the baby will help out once she’s old enough to be into cutting and sticking….I may not have much in the way of artistic talent to pass on, but anyone can make a scrapbook, even me, and I hope she gets as much fun out of it as I did.


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