Snooping round-up part 2

I am stumped for a weak pun-based title today, as this post is another compendium of  nice gardens I’ve seen lately.

This included some charity-endorsed (therefore non-nosey parkerish) snooping, as I went to an open day of a beautiful garden in West Dulwich in mid-June – it turned out to be another of those rotten days which started out promisingly but turned later into a torrential downpour, but the garden at least looked sparkling and green in the fresh post-rain atmosphere.


The garden included these gorgeous cream foxgloves, which made me feel my common purple ones were very bog-standard in comparison, and some very splendid campanulas – I grow plenty of the small variety, which seem to spread themselves everywhere very easily, but I’d love to produce something as beautiful as this:

ImageThere was also a proper ‘wild’ area at the end of the garden which showed what flowers like red campion and scabious ought to look like in a meadow environment instead of sprawling out of my raised bed – and a lovely display of poppies in a mixed bed, below:

ImageSeeing successful mixed planting like this made me realise how hard it must be to produce what looks natural and unplanned and how much I still have to learn – I’ve repeatedly, stupidly, planted tall plants at the front of beds and allowed some unsuitable things to sprout far too big until they swamp the surrounding plants.

This reminded me of a garden I’ve been meaning to photograph for a while, but keep forgetting to, as it’s right on my doorstep on the neighbouring street. Finally I remembered to stop and take a picture on my way home: it’s an absolute gem of a front garden.

The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but what I particularly love are the splashes of bright orange poppies (California poppies, I imagine?) – and a bit like my garden, it’s scruffy and has the odd bare patch, but somehow it just looks right. Again, though I’ve never seen anyone at work in the garden when I pass by, I bet it takes a lot of work to keep it looking like that.

Finally, something sweet and simple that caught my eye the other day, a planter outside a cottage in West Norwood:

Petunia, pelargonium, lobelia and ox-eye daisy. What could possibly be nicer?


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