Spring had sprung…and then it hadn’t

Well, we had 2 days’ worth of spring. The sun shone, the sky was blue, the temperature was comfortably into the teens, and I made the best of it, knowing it wasn’t likely to last.

I wanted to introduce Junior Miss to the joys of my favourite time of year – and bearing in mind we have limited access to fields of gambolling lambs and hedges of blackthorn in deepest suburbia, this involved taking her to Streatham Common.

On the way, we stopped to admire somebody’s front lawn where crocuses were beautifully peeping through the grass…

Crocuses on a lawn

Crocuses dotted across a lawn

….and I wondered how hard it really is to plant bulbs artfully so they grow up through the grass like that in a ‘natural’ style. I’m sure there’s a knack to it.

Then we saw some gorgeous frothy blossom…


Blossoming blossom

and when we got to the Common it was time to sit down and admire the view…and what a view it is…

Streatham Common

Streatham Common

One of my very favourite places in London – makes me excited already about the annual Kite Day, a glorious extravaganza of stunt kites and all sorts of other wonderful stuff.

It’s usually in April, but this year (anticipating another waterlogged spring like 2012’s – oh great!) it has already been postponed to June 16th. Fingers crossed already for a sunny dry day…

Back to reality, though – after two lovely sunny days, it got cold…then it rained…then it got foggy…and my dreams of getting some gardening done at the weekend disappeared.

Just to keep my spirits up, though, here is a taster of what is already growing in the garden…


Pansy. What a cutie.

Pansy, planted by me in a brief window of dry weather last week. It’s a gaudy cultivated variety rather than the more traditional wild heart’s-ease, but hey, sometimes a girl likes to go a bit gaudy.


Primulas, keeping up the gaudy quotient

Primulas – planted by the previous owners, these have bravely flowered non-stop since we moved in, regardless of snow or frost. It’s a mixture of real primroses and garden varieties – I do prefer the pale yellow of the wild flower in this case, but the splash of colour is very welcome all the same.

Finally, the most unusual flower in my garden – I really didn’t know what to make of it when I first moved in, with its huge sprawling leaves everywhere, and, as it turns out, goes by the unlovely colloquial name of Elephant’s Foot. It does have rather pretty pink flowers, though, so that has given it a stay of execution.

Lots more bulbs are coming up, too, but with no flowers yet I can’t identify what they are. A guessing game which can carry on into spring…

Elephant's Foot

Elephant’s Foot: nice plant, shame about the name