Goodbye toilet, goodbye corridor…

Today was the big day, when our extension finally kicked off, a very long and sometimes dreary 8 months after we started planning it. The builders were meant to be here at 7.30am…but one of them got on the wrong train and had to be collected from somewhere, so it was closer to 8.30 when they finally arrived.

We have spent the last two weeks packing up our dining room and kitchen – most of it in the garage now, some stuff Freecycled or charity shopped, just to make me feel I’m making a token effort at decluttering on the way.

The new kitchen is all ordered, on paper at least, but so much still to be decided – what kind of floor, blinds or no blinds, light fittings. Kitchen lighting turns me into a real Goldilocks; it has to be not too bright, not too dim, but just right.

I don’t like recessed spotlights, too much like an office or shopping mall, but nor do I like lower hanging lights with too much glare. And I don’t want a large ‘feature’ light in a fixed place which would mean the dining table always has to be in the same spot and can’t ever be moved. And whilst over-counter lights in the kitchen are great, I don’t want stupid fixed lights like the ones I had in my old kitchen where you couldn’t change a bulb without having to buy an entire new light fitting, or having to remove the entire cabinet to be able to fit it – the very worst example of built-in obsolescence I think I’ve ever come across. Why couldn’t the front of the light unscrew to allow access to the bulb? Why, that would be just too much like common sense, wouldn’t it? grrrr

Longer term, there will be the job of finding extra storage for the dining room, either built-in, or some kind of drinks cabinet/sideboard/dresser (if I can find one that matches the one I imagine in my head) and eventually, a new dining table, chairs and sofa, once we can see the size of the space we have created, and can work out what will actually fit into it.

In the process of packing up and clearing out, there was also the chance to say goodbye to all the bits of the house that we are losing, in the style of ‘Goodnight Moon‘:

Goodbye toilet


Goodbye washing machine


Goodbye funny inside-outside corridor


We shan’t miss you, exactly, but you served your purpose and you were a funny, quirky, sometimes slightly irritating part of our house.

We were under the impression that on Day 1 of the build, our kitchen would be put out of action too, so we the Mr moved all our kitchen essentials into the hall and living room – but so far the builders concentrated on demolishing the outbuildings, so we currently still have a functional kitchen. Hurrah!

I would be busy cooking and baking now, to make up for all the ready meals we’re going to be eating for the next few months, but…it’s just too tiring to contemplate.

Here, instead, is a view of the pile of rubble where our outbuildings used to be:



…and also the poor toilet which has now become an outdoor loo, Glastonbury style. I can’t wait to see how it looks once the rubble has been cleared and we can actually see the new space we are gaining, which will eventually, hopefully, finally become a proper living-dining-kitchen room. Watch this, er, space.