Almost there…and yet not quite

This week was the big one. Our kitchen units started to be assembled on Monday, and on Wednesday, the kitchen window and door finally went in. This was the moment I’d been waiting for – finally the room starts to look like a proper room, and finally we can get back into the garden.

That first view of the back of the house was an exciting one…I am still amazed at how smart it looks, with all the render painted white instead of murky cream, it feels really fresh and clean. I hope it keeps that look for as long as possible!


Then we had a chance to examine the garden itself and see what had survived and what might be on its last legs…the raised flower bed has been swamped by marigolds, unsurprisingly, and the new heuchera I planted there seems to have vanished, but my other two heuchera are doing very well.


The herb bed has gone to seed and needs a serious overhaul, and my window box which used to house the herbs I used most often, near the house, has completely given up the ghost, as it didn’t get enough water. I need all-new Herb Solution – to me, there’s no point growing them if they aren’t used regularly in cooking, (except for lavender which I love anyway and would always grow for the scent alone) and for that reason they should be convenient and near the house. The plastic window box is a bit of a shabby solution, though, I’d rather have something that looks a bit nicer.

Coming up next on the garden agenda is a new patio and path, as what was there before is now beyond repair. We thought this was worth doing before winter sets in, and is a relatively small add-on to the general chaos we’re living with. Still to be fixed is where the washing line will go, and if we have room for a water butt. Oh and a new back gate….

In the mean time, we’ve done the first bit of garden tidying in nearly three months today, slightly hampered by the fact I couldn’t find *any* of my secateurs (and I own at least three pairs!) – they have disappeared somewhere in the garage out of sight. But we could get hold of my loppers, so I could do a bit more of the heavy-duty chopping back – although using loppers to dead-head a rose feels a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Then we come to the inside. Besides the kitchen units going in, the walls are being painted, downstairs loo tiled, and floors going down any day now. We can really begin to see what a nice room it’s going to be.


What’s the snag? The snag is that once the carcasses of our units had gone in, only then could the kitchen fitters make the final measurements for the worktop, which could finally be ordered. The people doing the job of measuring up were booked in for Friday…but they didn’t show up, and it turned out that although the appointment had been confirmed to us, it had never been confirmed with *them*. So, no worktop means no hob or sink for at least another month, the earliest they can put it in.

Several cross words with the kitchen fitters later, we are hoping they will either speed up their delivery time with the worktop or put in a temporary sink for us. We’ll wait to find out what they say on Monday. In the meantime, all the other finishing-off work continues as planned and fingers crossed, we’ll have a room we can actually start using soon, even if it’s missing the kitchen sink.

Here, anyway, is the kitchen as it looks right now (with fridge temporarily plugged in in the middle).


And here is the finest looking thing in the garden right now, a creeper which has wound itself around the olive tree and turns an amazing shade of red in the autumn. Dear old garden, it’s nice to have you back in my life.



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